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Vega Sport Pre-Workout Energizer Review

Pre-workout supplements are very important for ensuring you are able to get the most of out every workout you do.

They provide energy, improve endurance, and increase fat burn.

A good supplement can provide these benefits with minimal or no negative side effects.

After I switched to a Vegan diet I started looking a supplement to replace Jack3d , the current supplement I was taking.

Jack3d is very effective at providing high amounts of energy and fat burning support for strenuous workouts like P90x but it contains many unnatural and heavily processed ingredients.

I was also experiencing some negative side effects such as difficulty sleeping, and restlessness.  Overall it really just didn’t fit into my new vegan lifestyle.

In my search for a replacement I discovered Vega Sport Pre-Workout Energizer.  The Vega Sport product line was developed by Brendan Brazier a vegan athlete and author.

The most attractive thing about this product line is that it is completely plant based and contains natural ingredients.

Product Claims

  • Rapid burst and sustained release of energy
  • Improved endurance for both aerobic and anaerobic exercise
  • Enhanced mental clarity and recovery


Below is a list of the top ingredients contained in the supplement, check out the full ingredients list to see what else is inside.

  • Coconut seed / seed oil
  • Kombucha
  • Yerba mate
  • Devil’s claw
  • Green Tea
  •  Whole grain brown rice syrup
  • Organic palm nector
Unlike most supplements on the market everything on the ingredients list is easily recognizable and plant based. It’s a very vegan friendly formula that I feel good about drinking.  One of the big things you’ll notice is that there are no heavy chemical stimulants.

Review Methodology

I’ve been using this product exclusively as a pre workout supplement for about 3 months so far.  I use one scoop of the powder mixed with 8oz of water about 15-20 minutes before working out.

I do P90x as my primary workout routine which is a mix of cardio and weight training.  Usually I replace one of the cardio routines each week with a 2-4 mile run.


Overall the taste is pretty good but the acai berry is much better than the lemon lime flavor.

Taste is an important factor to me, it doesn’t matter how great the ingredients are or how well it works, if a supplement doesn’t taste good I’m not going to take it on a regular basis.  Vega Sport Energizer comes in two different flavors, acai berry, and lemon lime.  Both formulations contain brown rice syrup which I think improves the taste quite a bit.

Personally I think the acai berry flavor tastes great but the lemon lime isn’t nearly as good  The lemon lime flavor tastes similar to some of the Jack3d flavors, which isn’t great but it’s not terrible either.

The acai berry formula tastes very good though and is actually very pleasant to drink.  Most of the supplements I’ve used in the past have had to be forced down and left a bad taste in my mouth but that isn’t the case here.


So how well does it work? Overall I’ve been extremely impressed with this product and I think it lives up to it’s claims.  It has worked so well that I plan to continue using it as part of my daily workout program.

It definitely provides a noticeable burst of quick energy for starting off a workout.  On days that I didn’t take the supplement before my workout I had noticeably less energy and drive for my workouts.

After the initial burst I found that it provided a level source of steady energy throughout my workout.  The energy levels were very predictable too.  If you’ve ever used stimulant heavy supplements like Jack3d, N.O. Xplode, or C4 then you probably understand how important predictability is!  Some days stimulants provide tons of energy one day but hardly any on others.

Most of the supplements previously mentioned are designed to produce a very strong (and unnatural) response from your body.  Vega Sport’s formula doens’t produce the same feeling I was used to getting from these other supplements but it provides good results in a natural way.

Side Effects

I haven’t experienced any negative effects since I’ve been taking the Vega Sport pre-workout formula.  This really wasn’t a big surprise to me given the ingredients it contains.

I have had zero trouble sleeping since I switched to this product and I no longer experience the jittery feelings Jack3d often left me with.


One container of Vega Sport Energizer (19oz) sells for about $39.99 on Amazon.  It can usually be found at Whole Foods, and GNC stores for anywhere from $50-60.  Whole Foods usually seems to be the most expensive although sometimes it does go on sale.

One serving requires one scoop of powder which is about .6oz.  So one full container products about 30 servings of energizer.  Depending on how often you workout you should get anywhere from 1 – 1.5 months out of each container.

Compared to Jack3d Vega Sport is actually cheaper, especially considering that many people need more than one scoop of Jack3d to get the full effect.  I’ve never used more than one scoop of the Vega Sport formula.

If you don’t want to commit to purchasing a whole tub you can buy a pack of single serving packets instead.


Vega Sport pre-workout energizer provides excellent results without any harmful stimulants.  This product is a great option for anyone looking to clean up their diet and still perform their best during workouts.

You won’t see the massive pump or huge energy releases some supplements provide instead you’ll see a much more predictable and natural performance boost.


About the author

Sam Kear

Sam switched to a vegan diet after learning that what you eat is the key to good health. Since changing his lifestyle he has lost over 25 pounds and increased his lean mass by 10%. For exercise he enjoys doing P90x and running.

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